In our restaurant, excellent gastronomy and quality wines come together in a perfect environment to make your family gatherings and friendly get-togethers unforgettable. We have long been committed to highlighting local qualities in both food and wines. We bring the taste of our region to our guests, offering this culinary experience in our unique private rooms for family and friends’ events, and private gatherings.

The exclusive and private atmosphere of the Kistücsök Food&Room**** private rooms allows our guests to fully enjoy family events without any disturbing factors. The spacious areas accommodate small family gatherings to larger events, including weddings, anniversaries, or birthday parties. When designing the rooms, we took into account the comfort of the guests and the nature of the event so that everyone can find the ideal venue.

Our Chef’s Room is completely separated, located on a different floor, providing a special experience for guests interested in gastronomy. Here, live on a screen, they can follow the chef’s creative work as we prepare our impressive tasting menu from seasonal and local ingredients. Our sommelier colleague is also happy to assist in selecting the right wine to complement the food and enhance the dining experience harmoniously.

The festive atmosphere of your family or friends’ gatherings, private events, can be further enhanced by our cakes made by our pastry chefs, a pre-arranged bouquet of flowers, or even a Kistücsök Deli gift package. Paying attention to every detail, you can create moments that will remain memorable forever.

If we have sparked your interest, please contact us at least 15 days before the planned event. This way, we can thoroughly plan the event, taking your preferences into account and ensuring perfect service.

We look forward to your inquiry to plan and execute the perfect family celebration or friendly gathering with our expert team!

You can find the current offerings of our Chef’s Room by clicking here, but our seasonal offerings often change.

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